Alright, I'm envious...

1:02 PM

So here's the thing. Jake knows the greatest family ever in Indiana. The Hammonds. Janeen and Jason are pretty much the nicest people I've ever met and their children are cute to boot. Anyways, After we went through our post-childbirth 3 months of being completely anti-social. We decided to shoot them an e-mail to let them know that we were in fact alive and well and to make sure that they were the same. So we did, and they were as perfect as ever. AND THEN.... Jake shows me Janeen's blog that she does. So now, I've decided to shun the myspace world that I don't even like, continue my determination to not join facebook, and start one of these. I'm hoping it will inspire me to actually take pictures. Maybe even invest in a better camera at some point. So here's to you Janeen for giving me motivation to do more than just laundry, dishes, and diaper changing! We miss you guys! (Here's an old picture of Gid and Me...More recent one's coming soon...I PROMISE!)

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