About Us

You and me babe, together let's make memories. 

I met Jake when I was 15. He had spiky hair that he could use as a weapon and safety pins holding his jeans together. He was crazy, sarcastic, rebellious and according to everyone else...He was trouble. You know what they say about bad boys... Only he wasn't really bad at all. He was brave, and honest, and original.  He didn't mince words, but he always spoke the truth. He demanded real friendship and gave it in return. His world spun on a different axis. It still does. And somehow, in spite of our insurmountable differences I found my perfect fit. My husband is a lunatic and I love him that way. He's the rocky road to my vanilla life. He challenges me every day to try new things, believe in my dreams, go out on a limb, and be willing to fail. So far, all we've done is fly. 

Gid is 7 years of kind, funny, calm boy. He is the biggest brother. The lego master builder. The tech-lover. The motorcycle riding, piano playing, best artist ever. He's all my mellow with all his dad's creativity.

Ashe is 6 going on 23. She is sassy. Ohhhh, is she sassy. She's also smart, helpful, generous, thoughtful, and my best girl. She is 100% my mini me. She loves sparkles, singing, dancing, keeping her brothers out of her diary, and she LOVES gymnastics. 

Ezra is the babe of the bunch, but don't think for one minute that he lets that hold him back. He can do anything his big bro and sis can. He is clever, ridiculous, and wildly entertaining. He keeps me running and I love every minute. 

I am the much less entertaining member of the group, but somebody has to keep the house from catching on fire and make sure people actually eat around here. I have dance parties while I clean my house. I've been known to lock myself in the bathroom for a moment of sanity. I believe that chocolate is a food group. I hate running and you can't convince me that will ever change. I love fashion, I love my family. I love my life. 

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