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Hey Ashe!
I can't believe it. You're 1 today. Your birthday is also synonymous with us moving into our house. The night before you were born Daddy & I went and bought furniture, brought it home, set up your crib, and accomplished as much "nesting" as was possible at the last minute, because that's how we roll. We were up until midnight (because I was determined to have the house as ready as possible.) and who would have even considered that it might have been a better idea to get a good night's sleep before being induced in to labor at 5 the next morning? Heaven must have shined on my efforts in getting ready for you, because you didn't make me wait long. We were in love from the moment we saw you and Gideon was so excited to meet you and hold you.

Gid may not be so quick to cuddle now. Now you're his best friend. You follow him everywhere. He tries to wrestle you and you're either incredibly patient and tough or you let him know to leave you alone. You like to play with cars together and you want to do EVERYTHING that Bubba does. The other day, Gideon was coloring and you were stretching up to the table top yelling your usual "momma, mamama, MAMMA!" So, I sat you up in your chair and gave you a crayon. Which you immediately tried to eat. Some things you're just not ready for but mostly, you're ahead of the game.

You've figured out that if you yell my name and point to what you want, you usually will get it. You now know that if you grin and wave at passerbys while grocery shopping they will swoon over you and you LOVE the attention. You've finally figured out how to go DOWN the stairs. You can climb up on chairs. You like to dance. You still love to cuddle.

I love you so much. Happy Birthday baby doll!


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