Weekend Goodness

8:46 AM

*This is how we spent my Dad's birthday on Saturday! He turned 43 and we enjoyed a GORGEOUS day of lounging around. The weather was perfect and since Dad got to pick what we ate, we enjoyed Portillo Dogs (That's chicago-an for brats piled with mustard, kraut, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocadoes, pickles...and well pretty much anything else you want to put on them.) My whole family loves them. So, of course Jacob enjoyed a plain brat in a bun...no ketchup or anything. After enjoying the outside we watched Night at the Museum. I forgot how cute that movie was... and then we played Spades until WAYYYYYYYY too late.

*So Jake and I were freaking out because our lesson wasn't coming together on Sunday. And we've discovered that coming even slightly underprepared for a class of 16 to 18 year olds is pretty much guaranteeing they get NOTHING out of the lesson. Anyways, so we were both stressed and freaking out that we had nothing good planned and couldn't figure out what to do, So finally we decide we'll just show a lame movie. I went in to the library before sacrament to see if a tv was available and was pleasantly reminded that it was Ward Conference and we didn't have to teach. :) Oh how the Lord takes care of us!

* So then, after church we went up to Jake's Mom & Dad's because they made a delicious turkey dinner and Ron's famous eclairs and they were kind enough to invite us! Gideon really enjoyed the Dora chair that Jenny got for the girls. He had a lot to say to her!

* After we got home Jake bet my brother Zach that he couldn't swallow a tablespoon of salt... my brother thinks he can do anything and so he actually took it on and spent about the next 30 minutes leaning over our toilet. He looked AWFUL when it was all said and done and was complaining about how bad his throat hurt. All you can really do in that situation is say "You are an idiot...of course it hurts!" Oh well, now he knows that a tablespoon of salt in the belly was formerly used by doctors to get their patients to throw up... Boys. Don't worry I won't torture you with those pictures or the video Jake took....disgusting.

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