Alright, So I Got Bored...

12:53 PM

I got this awesome new duvet cover. I know, It's really bold. But I wanted something cheery and fun for the summer. Besides, it's totally me, and it was cheap. So then after putting it on my bed I suddenly wanted to change everything around. I was just bored with EVERYTHING!
So for those of you who remember how our room was before, you can see it's a little different. We actually really like it this way. It makes the room feel bigger, and I know it's hard to tell from the picture... but there's actually room for me to do my exercises and stuff now. I really hope we can buy Chris & Regina's house though. I don't know what we'll do with 3 bedrooms! How nice to not have to try and squeeze that crib in our room!
This is my Mother's Day daisy! I just thought it was pretty!
Gideon doesn't scream when he wakes up from naps anymore. (Unless he lays there quietly enough that I don't know he's awake for a LONG time.) He plays with his little animals and has taken to rubbing his blanket... the jungle animals are all fuzzy. He loves it.
He's so cute!

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