Hello Again!

11:11 AM

I'M BACK!!!!
I couldn't take it anymore! So here is a quick little catch-up of what this past month has consisted of! I know that everyone else has posted about all this stuff already, but I'm just way behind, and they're fun, so I couldn't resist!

This is us playing Texas Hold 'Em on the 4th of July. We decided it would make it a lot more fun if we dressed up wacky. I actually looked much weirder in person than I do in the picture because I was covered in bronzer...LOTS of bronzer...and my hair started out much bigger than it fell to by the time we thought to snap a picture. Dimitri was an eskimo, I don't know what Zach was supposed to be but he reminded me of Chuck Norris and Jake was a gangster/ rapper.
I don't really know what they're doing here...They were trying to distract all of us because they were cheating TERRIBLY. It's okay, as usual...I owned all. Jake still has never seen me lose at poker...I like to keep it that way. Anyways, it was a lot of fun and we must have listened to 'Party Like A Rockstar' about 14 times in a row...."Ta-ta-ta-totally duuude."
Gid, Gid the Cheerio Kid! He was perfectly happy just eating them, Zach thought it would be much more fun to stick them to his forehead. We all had a good laugh about it though!
This is how the canopy/tent/crazy pillar thing that we did turned out at Josh & Amanda's reception. I just thought it was a cool picture.

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