6:47 AM

I'm pretty sure we found this WAY more exciting than Gid. He could have cared less that there were sparks flying around his head. He didn't even hardly look at the sparklers, he just stared off into space! I'm not quite sure why he didn't have any pants on. I must have been being lazy. He was happy though. It continues to surprise me just how mellow he is. Not a whole lot phases him unless he thinks someone is being mean to him...then he'll wail. But the usual things like really loud booms, things on fire, or falling over don't seem to bug him at all. It's got to be a boy thing.

Anyways, I spent the evening cooped up inside motivating Jake to finish his 47 chapters of homework that were due. The whole homework thing really stresses him out so he had already opted not to go up to his Mom & Dads for dinner and by the time he was done with all of it I literally had to lure him outside with the fact that there was a snake in the window well and that I would give him a popsicle. But, we started a fire and roasted some hotdogs. My Mom & Dad and the boys joined us and we had a really great time. Mom has some much cuter pictures of the evening up on her blog, so you should check it out HERE! For some reason I just wasn't really feeling like taking a bunch of pictures last night.

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