Ugh.....soooo disgusting!

11:14 AM

Much to my dismay, Gideon discovered toilet paper about a week ago. He doesn't really make too big of a mess of it because he spins it around so fast, so I usually just let him spin it. But then, "What on earth is that shiny silver thing on the toilet!?!?"
So he grabs it...and pulls down. HE FIGURED OUT HOW TO FLUSH THE TOILET!!! So then, he does it about 18 times, and I'm like...."Hey, How about not Bud" But he's totally intrigued by the sound it's making...
So then he figures out, that there's something going on under the lid, and commences in trying to open that up so that he can watch what it does when he flushes. I decided that I really couldn't handle him adding toilet pool parties to his list of daily activities, so I had to take him out of the bathroom and shut the door....What the heck am I supposed to do here?!

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