Thanksgiving @ The Doans!

5:46 PM

So, on the friday after Thanksgiving, Jake and I (and Gid, too.) got up bright and early. Well, not really bright, it was still really dark, but anyways, we got up, and we hit the big sales. We were running late and didn't think we'd be able to get our "big item" BUT WE DID! We got a new camera, finally. It's amazing and we love it and we're so excited that we managed to snag one! It definitely made it worth getting up. So here are some of the first pictures we took. We had Thanksgiving with Jake's family on friday night, here's a few shots from that. They're always so much fun! Alex & Hillary were in town, and I some how managed to get zero pictures of all of them!

This is my scary husband, and this was the better of the two attempts at this picture, haha. I don't really find this attractive of myself either, but hey, what can you do!? It's fun, right!?

Gid, Me, Jenny, and Ron.

Sarah Beth & baby Jason, she really didn't want me to take a picture of her, but I thought it turned out pretty cute.

This was Jenny singing to Gid in Swedish, I don't have any idea what she said, but he thought it was fun to bounce and play with Grama!

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