Wagon Ride

3:35 PM

My Dad got this wagon for "all future Doan and Richardson grandchildren" to use at his house. So, of course he had to take Gid for a ride in it. It was too cold to go outside, so he just drove him around the house. Gid loved it!
He also really loved the ball that the Galbraith gang gave him for his birthday, he was laughing in this pic. I just thought it was funny.
This is Gid with his cousin Jason! Talk about handsome boys! This is the one cute shot I managed to get before Gid shoved Jason's head into the side of the wagon and they both started screaming. Boys will be boys, hahaha... jk. No, but seriously they're both so cute and I can't wait til they're big enough to really play together!! We had such a fun time having everyone together for Gid's birthday. Thanks so much everybody for coming to celebrate. We love you all!!

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