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Well, just thought I'd play catch up with our weekend....

On Friday night Jake and I went to see Rent at the Music Hall. The cast was phenomenal and our seats were GREAT! (10 rows back and FREE! Thanks Aunt Brenda.) We had a lot of fun, at felt very umm...cultured afterwards. If you've seen Rent I'm sure you understand, and if you haven't well... I'll explain later. It took a lot of prodding to get Jake to go, but it was worth it in the end.

Saturday, Jake spent the day finishing up some dry wall work and installing electrical plugs.... boy stuff. But I was there as a helping hand. It took longer than I thought it would and unfortunately my list of things to do this weekend didn't even get touched. Oh well, there's always today. I did get to talk to Jade, which was awesome!!!

Yesterday, was a mess. We woke up late for church. None of my skirts were fitting over my pregnant-ness and Jake and Gid were just... well grumpy, I think this rainy gloomy weather is rubbing off on everyone. Gid might be cutting more teeth, though it's hard to tell because all of his front ones are in already. Anyways, I did manage to get to church and teach my lesson. But then, when I went out to the car afterwards... the car wouldn't start. So we jumped it and hurried quickly back up to Hamilton to Jake's Mom & Dad's who are kind enough to let us borrow their car while they're out of town.

The last event of Sunday was when Gid was playing with my cell phone like he always does and managed to call 911. I had just got off the phone with Sarah and thought he had just called her back, so I'm like..."haha, sorry Sarah. Gid called you!" And the operator was like...uhhh, this is 911. So I was laughing hysterically and apologizing for my 15 month old while she gave me a lecture about how ANY cell phone, even those no longer in service can still call 911. And I'm going. Yes, I know I'm sorry.

So yes. That's all, but I'm looking forward to the week ahead...

Barbecue at Tom's
My Sonogram is a week from TODAY!
Looking at houses
and maybe...
Getting my haircut...I highlighted it a brighter blonde, now I just need a cute cut to match.

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