ABC's of ME!!

7:20 AM

Thought this looked like fun, so deal with it! :o)

Attached or Single: Attached!

Best Friend: Jake because he's amazing and Jade because we're the same person.
Cake or Pie: Pie...specifically peach.

Day of Choice: Saturday or Sunday...cuz Jake is home with me!
Essential Item: Burt's Bees Chapstick

Favorite Color: Today? Probably...teal
Gummy Bears or Worms: Worms

ometown: Kearney MO

Indulgences: Chocolate...and lots of it.
January or July: July, because by then I should have a brand new baby girl!

Kids: Gideon (15 months) and a girl due June 19th.

Life is incomplete without: Husband and Babies
Marriage Date: March 24, 2006 Nauvoo Temple

umber of Siblings: 3

Oranges or Apples: Pomegranates.... or oranges.
Phobias: Jake dying, that's really it. Oh, and heights I guess, but that's not as bad anymore.

Quote: Can't think right now...

Reasons to Smile: Gideon after he's done eating and totally covered in food. Jake when he's excited about something.
Season: Spring... pretty new flowers, don't have to wear shorts, break out the flip flops, and enjoy the sunshine.

Tag others: Sarah Beth, Laura, Jade, Lacy and Maren

Unknown fact about me: Hmm... this is hard, I'd say I'm pretty much an open book. Maybe that I really really deeply despise people leaning over my shoulder. Freaks me out BIG time.
Vegetarian or Meat eater: Oh, I eat meat. A lot.

orst Habit: Blogging when I should be folding laundry or doing the dishes.

X-rays: I fractured something in my shoulder when I was about 13... My friend and I were riding her horse in our swimsuits and the saddle slipped...I fell off, she fell on top of me.

Your Favorite Food: Oh, I love food. Probably my favorite is Mexican, but I love steak too.
Zodiac: Virgo

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