Playin' Catch Up...

1:35 PM

Okay, okay, so I have no adorable pictures to post or anything like that, but I do have fun things to look forward to that I just wanted to make note of...

#1. I have Partylite parties tonight and tomorrow! I know it's supposed to be a "job" but I really just have a blast... and plus I earn a little money.

#2. I somehow managed to talk Jake into going down to see my Grandpa and Phyllis this weekend! (He's such a home body, he never wants to go anywhere) I'm so excited, they're just the best in the whole world and they've been wanting us to go down for a while now. My parents are going too, but since my brothers aren't, we also get to use their free passes to go to Silver Dollar City. I know I'm hugely pregnant and won't get to take advantage of any roller coasters and what not, but I'm still excited to go and I'm sure Gid will love the kiddie rides. The only condition Jake had was that I find him a skate park down there so he can at least take advantage of the beautiful weather. No problem babe!

#3. Also, a week from today I'll be picking up my adorable sister-in-law Amanda from the airport and we're heading down to the Lake for a much needed and highly anticipated girl's weekend! I can't wait to see everyone and am SO excited Amanda is flying in at the perfect time for when I'm planning to leave. Don't you just love when things work out?!

#4. And last but certainly not least, I only have 9 weeks left of pregnancy! Is that insane or what? All in all I feel fantastic. I'm not nearly as fat as I was at this time w/ Gideon and my only complaint is that no matter how many adorable names I hear, I can't seem to find the one that fits this little girl of ours.... Oh well, it will come!

Anyways, hope everyone has a great day!

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