Bright Eyes:

5:23 PM

I couldn't believe how long she stayed awake and happy while we were taking pictures! She really is such an easy baby, how in the world did I get lucky enough to have two that are easy?! I'm certainly not complaining. It's so crazy to me how much Ashelyn and Gideon look SO much alike, but at the same time are so different! Gideon is pale like me, with his Daddy's short legs and square feet and was born with blonde hair that has just kept getting blonder. Ashelyn is darker like Daddy with long, skinny arms, legs, fingers, and toes... just like me. Even her fingernails look exactly like mine only in miniature. Her hair is dark and she has lots of it, I'm interested to see if it stays that way. Babies are just the most amazing little miracles in the world!

***I love the second picture, it looks like she has so much to say!

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