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Father's Day Weekend:

1:09 PM

My husband is easy to please... all he really wanted to do Father's Day weekend was skateboard and he certainly got to. We went to the park twice on saturday, the weather was beautiful and Gideon loved chasing Jake all over the park, riding with him and sliding down the ramps... I know these pictures always look about the same, but we spend a huge chunk of our Saturdays at skateparks... so these are always gonna be around.

Besides getting to skateboard all day, Jake also got a really nice new leather computer chair. You'd have thought I got him something much cooler if you'd have seen his excitement over the thing. But, I guess it makes sense... when he's not out working hard at Bart's, he's usually spending all the free time he can muster in front of the computer designing stuff for Lemon Fresh or for the people he's screen printing for. He's always busy and always up to something new, but I'm so thankful for all the work he does. It will be so nice to be in our new house where all of our stuff will fit into OUR space and we don't have to bounce back and forth from place to place to get things done!

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