The Fourth:

11:35 AM

I know, I know... It's the 11th now, I'm a little behind but we FINALLY got our internet hooked up today... which is another story completely. Anyways, we had such a great 4th this year I had to put some pictures up!
We got up bright and early (which I wasn't too thrilled about) to go to Far West for breakfast. The weather was absolutely perfect. I honestly cannot remember it ever being so cool on the 4th of July in Missouri! We definitely weren't complaining.
Gideon was loving him some sausage!!!
Later on we went to the parade in Cameron with Ron & Jenny, Natalie & her fam, & Sarah's gang. Gideon loves to play with all of his cousins. Didn't Hannah look so cute with her face paint and crown!
Me & my man.... gotta love the shades!
Ashelyn's outfit was so cute! I thought she looked very festive and girly. But amazingly even with the huge heart that says 'girl' inside it on her chest , lots of ruffles, and a bow in her hair some crazy lady still asked me if she was a boy. I just looked at her with that "You've got to be kidding me.." face.
My dad and his buddy Mark decided to run a fireworks stand this year. So we stopped by to visit them... it was crazy busy!Jake had to wear his old school Black Cat shirt that he dug out of his drawer... just talking shop with Zach & Tailor.We made a fort for Gid out of the box that our Range came in... He loves it and it's still on our front porch. The nice thing is it's hidden from the road by our enormous bush... so we don't look too white trash, haha.
Jake was having way more fun with the little fireworks we got for Gid than he was. Gid thought they were loud and scary, pretty much he was only into the snakes.
Sparklers and LOTS of leftover trash... Our neighborhood was like a war zone that night, we just hung out and watched from our driveway. It was a blast!

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