Jumpin' Bean:

9:49 AM

Ashelyn is getting big WAY too fast. Right now she's loving to hang out in the Johnny Jump Up. She hasn't quite figured out how to do anything but turn in circles, but it still fun to see her get excited. She giggles all the time and has quite the little attitude. She wants to be big and will actually scoot herself around a bit if you leave her on her back too long.

She pretty much skipped right over fitting in 3 month clothes (even though she's not 3 months old yet.) She's not as rolly around the middle as Gideon was, but she's just so dang TALL! I got her an adorable pair of 6 mo. jeans and they're barely long enough but too big around.... I have a feeling she has a lifetime full of pants frustrations ahead. At least she has a momma who can sympathize!

Gideon wants to play with her so bad and continues to try to be helpful. He's actually figured out the bottle thing now which can come in handy!

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