New Adventures:

1:54 PM

At play group yesterday, we went to the Jesse James Park. Which is probably the coolest park EVER. It was a new discovery for us and Gid dug it up. Although he did take quite a spill that landed him with a little goose egg on his face, it spooked him more than anything.
We had loads of fun.

I've been trying to determine what exactly this thing is. Gecko? Dinosaur? I don't know.

There's this cool spider web-like thing to climb around in.

Of course once everyone else got there I was too busy talking to snap any pictures, but I promise other people do show up and it's not just us having a play-day by ourselves. After a few hours at the park we were all famished so we hauled the gang up the road for some fine cusine....

Mmmm.. McD's. I'm pretty sure Chicken Nuggets were had by all.
Thanks again for the fun girls!

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