Playin' Tag:

8:23 AM

So I got tagged by my sis-in-law Amanda. Here it goes:

3 Joys

*My Hubby & our cutie-pie kiddos
*Listening to music.
*Laying on the beach by the ocean

3 Fears

*Spiders...yuck, yuck, yuck! Well, really just bugs in general.
*Losing someone I love
*Heights. No thank you.

3 Obsessions

*Reading a good book.
*Football... can somebody shoot Brody Croyle? He's really crampin' my style.

3 Surprising Facts About Me

*I don't like chewing gum. I'll think I want a piece, but it just makes my jaw tired.
*I would rather scrape wall paper (ya...) than run ANYWHERE.
*I'm crazy-flexible even after 2 babies.

3 People I tag

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