8:45 AM

I think officially I'm supposed to be waiting til tomorrow to put this out there, but I just can't!
I'm so dang excited, and Hillary already spilled the beans anyway! :o)You've heard me talk about the Quilt Shop some of Jake's fam started before, but lot's of new things are happening...

#1 Their website is launched! It's awesome and you have to check it out... right now!

#2 They offer Daily Deals that will blow your mind... Serious savings, not even joking!

#3 There's a forum too!

#4 Shipping is ALWAYS $5... No matter what.


#5 I get the privilege of blogging about my projects and favorite things now and then over at their BLOG! (Thanks guys... seriously)

So, if you can't get enough of me here, you can cruise over there and check us all out!

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