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1:04 PM

Hey guys! I know, I know... you're all dying to know what color my kitchen is... And I have to be honest, the only reason I haven't blogged about it is I'm not sure yet if it's going to stay this color. I'm just not as in love with it as I thought I'd be.... and that's not a good thing. So another gallon of paint might be in order. (do you catch my drift?)

HOWEVER, on a totally different note I've been loving the Quilt Shop lately and I've had the privilege of helping to launch their new Weekly Giveaway-The Fabric Free For All. That's correct folks, free stuff every week just by going to the forum and playing along with us. It's easy as pie and the forum is brand new so your chances of winning are great right now! Just head over to the FORUM to join in the fun... I can't even win, I'm just telling you because I love you!

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