5:31 PM

Today, I am one seriously thankful girl.

I'm thankful that the Hub walked away from this^ yesterday night without a scratch.

I'm thankful that no one else was hurt either.

I'm thankful it was paid off.

I'm thankful that we paid cash for our new car.

I'm thankful that we were already planning to sell my old car and by doing so will have money to buy another car for Hubby-Dear to get to work.

I'm thankful that my parents took us out to dinner last night so I didn't have to try to cook in the middle of the craziness.

I'm thankful for my two little buckets of sunshine.

I'm thankful that we still get to go on vacation.

I'm thankful that I get to see my bestie Jade in 2 days.

I'm thankful to see Josh & Amanda.

I'm thankful Megan just called to give us free roasts. (You rock!)

I'm thankful. Thankful. THANKFUL. And that's all.

Now please pray that we arrive in Utah safe & sound. I'll be thankful for that too!

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