10 Months:

8:11 AM

Hey baby girl,
Can you believe it!? Another month gone! That means only two more until you're a year. It doesn't even seem possible to me.

The past month has been an eventful one. You've now got 6 teeth. (Two are only partway in... but they're there.) You can stand up all by yourself without holding on to anything. You really like to do that at the top of the stairs to give Mom a heart attack. Which makes you laugh and laugh. You clap at everything. When you stand up, you clap. When you get a snack, you clap. When you see Mommy in the morning, you clap... and hug me tight!

You have a fascination with the toilet, so bathroom doors have to stay closed around here. You love to splash in the bath and when the tub is filling up, you're the crazy one who enjoys sticking her head under the faucet in attempts to "eat the water." It's a good thing I've got a hold on you!

I'm sure you'll be walking soon and I can't wait! Love you!


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