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9:55 AM

When it's nice outside the tots and I usually eat lunch on the back porch. Since today is one of the few this week that we're not supposed to have rain, that's our plan. Here are a few random pics...
Gideon loves his shovel and "pucket." He sits at this little mud patch below our porch where grass just won't grow and digs and digs. Hours of entertainment, let me tell you what... I love this boy!!!

I can't get over this girl. She is so dang happy and so easy to please. Just now she came crawling up to me, reached up to me and did the hand clasping baby wave. So I pick her up and she nuzzles right into my shoulder. After a few minutes of good snuggling I laid her in her crib where she drifted into her nap without a peep. How'd I get so lucky!?

Jake took this lovely picture of me the other day and I just had to share it.
Disgusting, I know.

*thanks Megan for that gigantic slab of meat. Seriously, it was ridiculous.

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