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Gideon loved this little toy Cash register.  How come toy cash registers aren’t this cool anymore?


Gideon being shown the proper ways of building by those older and wiser.




DSCN1119 The kids loved playing outside with Great Grandpa. His driveway is sloped just perfect for Gid to get some speed on the trike and Ashelyn to roll happily in the car. It was COLD but they had fun.


DSCN1123 My Grandpa. He’s the coolest.

DSCN1129Ashelyn enjoying some snuggles from Gramma Phyllis!

We spent Thanksgiving at my Grandpa’s house down in Lebanon, MO. It’s beautiful down there, right near the Lake of the Ozarks. It was mellow and relaxing and in spite of getting stuck in traffic for 3 hours (THREE. HOURS.) on the way down there, we had a great time! The kids loved all of Grandpa’s antique toys and we ate so. much. food. We watched a movie and the boys all napped while the girls talked. There were lots of other people that I didn’t manage to get a picture of! It was so great to see everyone though. Hopefully we can make this a more frequent trip!

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