What’s this?!

9:42 AM



(Don’t you LOVE that bed head?!)

We’re soooo excited that little miss seems to be taking right to potty training! She still needs a diaper at bed time but yesterday she used the potty 3 times. And so far today she’s been using the potty ALL THE WAY!!! (TMI ALERT: Even #2)

Way to go baby girl!!!!

Gideon, of course cannot be one-uped by his sister so he is FINALLY making some progress in this department as well. He was very excited to pick out his “Buzz Lightyear Underwears”  and we’re very excited to be moving away from the diaper phase for both of them! Even if it means letting him sit on the potty chair while watching Sesame Street. (Just being honest.)

Look at this boy….



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