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  • Gideon woke up last Friday and decided he was ready to be potty trained. It's like MAGIC! He went from not caring to being totally ready... LITERALLY overnight. So, he's totally pee trained. I'm not brave enough to have him out of a Pull-Up for naps or bedtime because that’s a long time for a little boy to hold it and I'm just not ready to clean up the whole "I wet the bed" mess. (Let's be honest... why bother!?) As for the whole #2 issue... he's totally embarrassed of the whole ordeal and somehow thinks that going in his pants is less traumatic than going in the toilet... so, we're still working on that. But... HOORAY for the Gid-Man! This is PROGRESS!! (Also, I feel like I should provide full disclosure to that fact that I keep him excited about it by bribing him with sweet tarts. I got a big bag and he gets 5 every time he uses the potty.)


  • Ashelyn is 21 months old. Technically that means I should still have 3 more months before the so-called "Terrible Two's" kick in. She however, did not get that memo. Holy cow child, please calm yourself. At least she’s still super cute.


  • Hubby & my anniversary is Wednesday. We're going to NEW YORK!!! BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  • That's how excited I am. Actually, that doesn't even come close. We leave on Friday for 3 days with no kids. This is seriously the first vacation Jake and I have taken together since I was like 5 months pregnant with Gideon. That's too long. WAY. TOO. LONG. Anyhoo, we're staying here:ny marriott

and since we’re staying in Midtown we’re planning on making the 20 minute walk to here :


And since Wicked is sold out until I’m 45. (Unless you want to pay $300 a ticket.) We’re considering going to see American Idiot, since this weekend is the first of the spring preview. I heart Green Day even if I don’t heart all the political garbage behind the album. They still made a killer album and how often do you get to catch opening weekend of a show on Broadway??  For us? NEVER. What’s your opinion? Anyone else heard anything about this show??

Thanks to my awesome friend Laura for being willing to watch the kiddos on Friday, and to my awesome Mom & Dad for putting up with them  them up for the rest of the weekend. LOVE YOU!

Oh, and we can’t forget Al for giving us his free buddy pass. You are FANTASTIC!

I’m sure I’ll have lots of pictures to share when we get back. Did I mention I’m excited?!

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