Sunshine Day:

4:07 PM


Last week we saw the first real sunshine we had seen in a long time. Beautiful, GLORIOUS sunshine! It was the first day in weeks that I literally jumped out of bed, excited for sunlight. There was nothing to be done except to fling open the blinds and stand at the window soaking it all in. Dreaming of the freckles that will dot my face as this never ending winter turns to spring and finally in to summer. I am totally affected by light. I NEED it. It makes me happy. So it was a happy day.

For a moment a cloud nearly spoiled my parade when I realized I didn't have any adorable yellow flats to match the sun...which makes me wonder what on earth has come of my wardrobe. But, that is another day entirely.

So, I decided I'd make myself a flower for my hair. A red one. With polka-dots...

We were so excited to get outside and enjoy the weather. We spent most of that day running around and my car ran out of gas on I-35. (First time that’s ever happened to me. Let’s hope it’s the LAST!) We were rescued by a nice highway patrolman. Besides a little humiliation, we were fine! We came home and played. Gid rode his bike. and rode. and rode. Ashelyn played in the last bits of snow. I just sat back and soaked it in.

We’ve pretty much been playing since then. It’s been so nice to have things to do! To feel TIRED at the end of the day, not because of boredom but because you actually had a full, wonderful day. Thanks Spring for giving me a boy who is tired enough to stop moving and snuggle his Momma. I love it.

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