Easter Goodness: Saturday

1:06 PM

On Saturday after watching General Conference we went to my parents for a yummy Easter dinner and spent some time enjoying the beautiful weather…

alex I got this picture of my baby brother and I love it. He never smiles for pictures, he’s always making this angry face and he’s just not an angry kid. So I chased him around with my camera acting ridiculous until he broke down and laughed. LOVE. it.  easter helpersAshe hunting gid hunting Ashe's haul gid's haul    The kids LOVED the egg hunt. In fact, we had two because they wanted to go again. Uncle Zach filled the eggs up with cheerios the second time around. They didn’t care as long as they could here a “shake, shake, shake” when they picked them up.  Gotta love the beautiful weather and the great company.

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