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Spring Projects:

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I’ve been feeling the craft bug lately. If I had my way I would let my kids destroy the house and gorge themselves on peeps while I sat happily crafting away. Luckily, Gideon will entertain himself fairly well, so I’ve been working on projects during Ashelyn’s nap time. Here are a few things I’ve been up to…
Spring Wreath I made this wreath a few weeks ago. (Excuse the super saturated-ness… the sun was shining right in on it when I was snapping the pic) I just bought a foam wreath form from Michaels for about $6 and went nuts with the hot glue gun. :o) I bought the moss at Dollar Tree and it took about a half bag to cover the whole thing (only $1/bag… so $.50). The little roses are actually made out of streamers($.50/roll…I bought 3 colors.) I found the tutorial for those here. I had originally planned on doing the entire thing in roses and then quickly got tired of burning my fingers and decided any more roses would just be TOO much for me to handle. So I added the little frame (Also from Dollar Tree… it was gross bronze, I painted it antique white. $1) ripped off the back, glued on a piece of cute scrapbook paper and added some vinyl I cut out. (Everyone should have their very own vinyl cutter…I’m just saying.) Whole thing cost me $8!
Here’s a better view of the little flowers and the frame….
wreath detail I had been wanting a new table square for in my kitchen. I wanted something simple and decided to choose two fabrics I love, sew them together and make a reversible cloth! Well, much to my luck, when I went up to the quilt shop to pick fabric, my fabulous mother in law (of youTube fame) just whipped it right up for me! So I got to come home and put it right on my table…. Thanks Jenny.
spring table In case you wondered… I chose Anna Maria Horner’s Fortune for one side (pictured) and Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane- Swing Toss in Pink for the other. Love it!!! Then after making Jake’s congrats banner, I decided I’d make an Easter one.
easter banner Jake gave me a hard time since it’s not capitalized…
”So the resurrection of the Savior doesn’t call for a capital E?”

Honestly, I didn’t even notice until he said it, but now I sort of hate it because Easter certainly SHOULD require capitalization… What was I thinking?!

So now I’m trying to finish making Ashelyn a slip to go under her Easter dress, prepping all the stuff to dye eggs with the kids once Jake is home, and making lots of yummy Easter treats.

Happy Easter!!!

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