The Gingerbread House

5:25 PM

My momma found a cute gingerbread house kit for $6 and bought it for us to do with the kiddos. If I weren’t 9 months pregnant I would have probably accomplished my goal of actually making homemade gingerbread and building the coolest ginger house you ever saw. But, I would have spent more than $6 just on candy. Sooooo, I’ll mark this down as one of the thousand things I tried to save money on this season. (Random tangent: Baby boy hasn’t even arrived but I’ve been stocking up on diapers and OH. MY. GOODNESS. How did I have 2 in diapers at the same time for so long? Thank you Ashelyn for being a potty training princess. Also, I don’t think Jake or I will ever be able to buy Christmas gifts for each other again. Seeing as we have gifts to buy for family and once little man arrives… two kids with birthdays at the end of the month. Smart planning. NOT. End rant.)
Gideon was so fascinated by the whole process. Jake is really the confectioner extraordinaire around the Doan house, so he handled all that business and I just plopped my pregnant self down in a chair hidden behind the camera lens.
As much as Gideon was interested in the “candy house,” Ashelyn was equally interested in… just the candy. After all, I don’t know that she’d ever experienced gum drops. Which are awesome… if you’re 90 years old or a 2 1/2 year old sugar addict.
Gideon was helpful throughout the entire thing. Totally enthralled by it all.
And Ashe did a fabulous job of eating all the extra candies. Waste not, little one.
Let the real decorating begin! We made Ashelyn spit out about a dozen gumballs she had stuffed in her mouth which she immediately started using to decorate. Awesome. 
I thought it turned out pretty cute for “out of a box.”

Unfortunately, the little ginger house only lived for one night. While folding laundry the next day, Gideon ran downstairs to tell me that, “A monster ate the candy house Mom!” Boy was he right…. There wasn’t a single piece of candy left. Must have been a very hungry monster.

*Thanks for the fun family night Mom :)

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