Sunday Picnic:

3:58 PM

Today is even warmer than yesterday! After we got out of ward conference the sun was shining so bright and it was so nice we decided it was the perfect day to drive over to the temple site. Gideon wanted to have a picnic, so we ran home, made some sandwiches, and then headed over!

I can’t believe how fast it is all coming together! It’s hard to believe that we’re really going to have a temple this close to us. 15 minutes from our house! That’s basically the same as driving to Wal-Mart! I think it’s pretty obvious that we’ll be feeling a lot better walking out of the temple than we do leaving that crazy mess of a store. Oh, I just can’t wait! What an amazing blessing. I’m just full of gratitude today! So thankful for my family, for our ward, and for the temple! It’s been such a wonderful Sabbath! (Even if Jake had to take Ashelyn out of the church meeting 3 times and she spilled Sister Woods’ beads all over the cultural hall… Oh, that girl!)

Here are a few pictures we snapped while we were out there today! It was pretty windy so the family picture is a bit insane in the hair department for Ashelyn and I. :)







We love the temple!

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