Father's Day

2:10 PM

Poor Jake spent his first real Father's Day sick. So, he stayed home from church with Gid and I had to teach our lesson all by myself! It went pretty well. The whole class sang A Poor Wayfaring Man Of Grief, which was pretty incredible. It just goes to show that I need to have more faith in the kids in our class. I didn't think they would want to sing it, so we were just going to read the verses, but they all wanted too. It really brought a unique spirit to the lesson, which was exactly what I was hoping for. And, it took up a lot of time so I didn't feel like I was rambling so much with the lesson! :o)Anyway, Jake still got his Father's Day treat because the Bishop made sure I brought one home to him. Then, we spent a few hours hanging out outside with my family, lounging in the hammock, playing in the grass, and eating burgers.

After that, we headed up to Sarah's to hang out with all of them where we ate more food and lounged around some more! It was a good day, and Jake wasn't feeling quite so puny after it was all said and done!
Oh, I almost forgot!!! Jake and Ron were swinging all the kids in a big blanket and Sarah took this adorable picture of Gid! He's such a mellow baby, we have a lot of fun playing with him!

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