Green Beans and Biter Biscuits...mmmmm Yummy!

8:22 PM

Gid has always had the desire to be big. He's ALL boy. Today he decided that I couldn't feed him his green beans. I just need to dip the spoon in the jar and he'll chew on it until all the food is off.
I think it probably has something to do with how badly he's teething...Because he quickly became more interested in gnawing on the spoon than actually eating.
Sooooo...I gave him one of those teething cookies!!! They start off really really hard and he somehow manages to turn them into mush....which he then rubs EVERYWHERE! Because, why not make a mess when you're adorable and little and Mom will let you get away with it!
He thought he dropped it....He was really worried! But he didn't, it just got lost in his arm rolls!
Back at it! Soooo Yummy!!!
All done! I thought this picture was really cute. It looks like he's trying to wipe off his mouth. It's really just a fluke because he loooooves to be dirty (unless it's his diaper.) I had to scrub his hands and neck and face. He even managed to get cookie on the back of his head. He's pretty much amazing!

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