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For Lacy:

9:00 AM

Here you are cousin… the Christmas Jammies!

DSCN1242DSCN1245DSCN1246Ya… I made those. I’m pretty awesome. :) I’m actually still finishing up appliquĂ©ing a T-shirt to go with Gid man’s little flannel pants. I have to admit I’m pleased as punch with these little jammers. And plus, they showed me that 1.) I can in fact read a pattern. 2.) I can successfully make a button hole when I read my sewing machine’s instruction book, and 3.) I REALLY REALLY love my new sewing machine!

Oh shoot, I never blogged about that! But, I got a sewing machine. It’s awesome and has flowers on it, not all over or anything, but umm, I’ll take a picture! I <3 it!

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