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Christmas Best:

8:52 AM


The kids and I headed to church. I wish Jake would have been home in time to take pictures with us when we were all dressed up, but he didn’t make it home until about 4 in the afternoon. C’est la vie! (We were running a bit late *surprise, surprise* so I wasn’t very happy looking in these pictures… sorry about that)

DSCN1282 Playing with the ornaments on Gramma’s tree. Isn’t Ashelyn’s skirt just about the cutest thing EVER!?

DSCN1284She turned these little beads into a necklace. Which was adorable and of course when we told her so, she was determined to take it off! Dang independent child!DSCN1287What a cutie pie that boy is! He looks so handsome with his tie & vest. (Side Note: How is it possible that my LITTLE boy is going to be 3 in less than a week?!?! Doesn’t that mean he’s not even a toddler anymore??? I’m sort of freaking out about this…)


Merry Christmas


the DoanGang!

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