He Keeps Me On My Toes!

10:08 AM

So, like I said. He thinks he's big stuff. I seriously cannot take my eyes off of him for one millisecond or he's into something. He climbs on everything, he opens cabinets and drawers. He doesn't seem to realize that he's not even 7 months old yet. I figure all I can do is just roll with it. These are the faces I get when I ask, "What are you doing Gid?"

I'm gonna unfold all the laundry, and I'm happy about it!
This is my chair, Mom. It's time to eat!
I'm pretty sure I can climb up onto this couch.
Hey Mom, I'm gonna climb up here and play, that alright?!
This one really worries me. He's using one hand to hold on to a cymbal stand that could topple over onto him at any moment. No big deal right?! As you can see, he's not even interested in his toys or book that are on the floor for him to play with safely. That's just not good enough. Jake once told me that he tried to start a fire in his bedroom when he was like 5. I figure that's what I have to look forward to.

So, needless to say, last night I bought those cabinet lock things so I don't turn around to find him playing with the lysol or covering himself in comet.

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