11:51 AM

Gid wearing his uncle Alex's kicks.
Gideon and Alex again. We had been having a lot of fun hanging out with Alex during the day, but now he's down visiting Grandpa and Phyllis in Souther Missouri. He's a lot of fun, and he helps me out a lot.
Gid's first real ride on the rockin' motorcycle Grandpa Doan built for him! It's basically the coolest thing EVER. That's the newest pictures I have though. I'm slacking. But I'll jut give a quick update on Gid. He really mastered the crawling thing about a week and a half ago, but he decided last week that since he's figured out crawling, why not just stand up and walk?! If I turn my head for two seconds he's pulled himself up against something (like the laundry basket at this exact moment!!) and scoots around it and tries to walk. This new ability has lead to lots of falls and bonks on the head. I try to keep telling him that he's much too little to start walking. He doesn't seem to understand and despite all the goose eggs he's gotten, he still keeps on pulling himself up on everything. The one that poses the most problem is the washing machine, because once he gets himself standing up against it, there's nothing to hold on to. So, I just have to keep sitting him back down... I'll take pictures of him today as proof and put those up later tonight. He's definitely his father's son....*sigh*

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