What was I thinking?!

4:55 PM

So, I am not smart. In fact, I'm really really stupid. Saturday around lunch time, I was feeding Gid and he was just about done eating. So I go to get him a drink and the only one of his cups left was this one that he hates because it's too hard to get the juice out of. So I just thought it would work great if I took the little stopper thing out of it....Not the case. Even though that cup had the tiniest holes to drink out of, Gideon managed to fill his tray with it and to fling it all over the walls and the table!

At first he wasn't too happy that he covered himself and everything else with grape juice.
But as soon as he figured out he could splash in it, he was fine.

Well, it was funny....but I won't be making that mistake again!

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