It was a good try....

10:36 AM

So I read Hill's comment about how sometimes you just have to let them cry and go get yourself ready. Well, since I really needed to shower after last nights game, I decided to just lay Gid in his crib, let him cry, and jump in the shower. I thought for sure when I got out he would have fallen asleep, because I didn't even hurry...I took my time. As soon as I turned off the water I could hear him yelling. So I go in there, give him his pacifier and a kiss and tell him it's nap time. He then pulls himself up on the bars, looks straight at me, gives me the lip and screams. So I pick him up, and walk about two steps, and he's passed out in my how things work sometimes, I wish he would have just fallen asleep in my arms to begin with! Would have saved him a lot of tears, poor guy.

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