Royals vs. Yankees

8:14 AM

Okay, Okay, So...I love the Yankees. I know, it's apparently a travesty to all things baseball. But, I don't really care. They have Jeter, and A. Rod, and that one chinese guy. So, needless to say I wasn't terribly upset, or surprised, to hear that they had won the first 3 games of the series verse our Royals. But, we got tickets to last nights game and Jake assured me that he had never been to a Royals game and seen them lose. I just really thought that this would be the first one....

Boy was I wrong!!!The Royals played great, and I even forgot momentarily to cheer for my boys in pinstripes, because they were totally shut down the entire game! The stadium was completely sold out, which I don't think has happened in like...10 years...before this series. So ya, it was loud, it was hott, and it was a great time. Royals win 7-0!!!!

We were WAYYYY up in the cheap seats, almost all the way to the top. But the view was GREAT!!! The worst part was that we were so close to the guard on top that there was no breeze at all.
Ron and Jenny came with us, they're always so much fun. Jenny and I were completely bummed that we didn't get there early enough to get our free pink Royals hat (w/ RHINESTONES!! haha.) Apparently it was supposed to be Ladies Night at the K.
Here's us....once again....Jacob can't be normal. I guess it's something I should just get used to. This one just looks like he's looking at me like I'm completely retarded or something. Gotta love him.

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