My Amazing Husband!

8:46 PM

My husband is absolutely amazing... and pretty dang romantic for that matter. He made me this bed. Yes, you read that correctly...he MADE this bed, and it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! He even bought all the awesome throw pillows and what not, and a few of them he picked out fabric and had his Momma make them (the really awesome flowered ones.) My mom got me new brown sheets to match too! Oh ya, and I know it's hard to see but he also built the little bookcase next to the bed... AND the biggest part of the whole thing is that they managed to paint the room and get all of this set up while I was out getting a pedicure and shopping for new baby cousin stuff. Anyways, I leave this morning to my old lame room...and come home to a freshly painted room full of amazing furniture built by my incredible sweetie's own two hands!
He also built this shelf....and picked out all the stuff to put on it. He actually built the entire shelf just because he needed somewhere to put the "family" because he knew I loved it and he also knew I liked these shelves from our IKEA adventure.
So yes, he's amazing and I've had the BEST birthday EVER!!!! Even though my stinkin' Dad is out of town! (haha, just makin him feel bad!)
I was pretty much in love if you can't tell by this lovely shot... (Mom loves to take these)


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