7:12 PM

Oh my goodness. I know I've disappeared for about 12 thousand years, but things have calmed down temporarily. (I think, hope, wish...) Gid is healthy again...FINALLY. What a nightmare that was. But yes, we just got back from Utah for Jade and Tim's Wedding!!! I was there for a week and a half and everyone else was there for the last few days before the wedding. Jake will be the first to tell you how un-vacation-like it was, but Jade & Tim are all hitched up and it was perfect for them! And when it all comes down t0 it, that's really all that matters! Oh, and I got my hair done too, which is always fun. Here are some pics!Jade & Tim Ranagan
Jadie with us bridesmaids. (or matrons, for Lacy and Me.)
Gid fixing my hair!!

And finally Gid playing with his little animals from IKEA on the loooong drive home.

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