Jake's Early Birthday

6:28 AM

So, Ron & Jenny and I decided to get Jake some stuff for the ct70 he's been restoring. The order just went through on Wednesday for our stuff, but they had magically appeared on Ron & Jenny's porch by Friday. Well, of course Ron couldn't stand to wait until Jake's birthday because he was eager to see everything too, so he called and asked if we felt like coming up. Of course!!! So, it took lots of convincing Jake that his Mom really really needed those Good N' Plenty's we picked up for her and some other stuff for the reunion. He just didn't think that was worth the drive. But, once we got up there he thought it was well worth the trip! He was so excited and has such a great time working on the motorcycle. It's amazing how great it looks now. You won't get to see yet because I'm going to do a big before and after post when it's all done! But he's getting closer now with new wheels and a new seat!

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