Happy Half Birthday!!

1:07 PM

Gideon is 6 months old today!
Here's to him!

Here is my little Gideon, just a few minutes old! So Perfect! He came on his due date even though we tried to get him to come a little early, he wouldn't have it!
Here he is at one month, snoozing away.
At two months, enjoying some tummy time, and rocking that sweater that Jake hated! :o)
3 months old and Daddy is already trying to teach him what makes for good music.
4 months: I think these are his cheeks at their chubbiest.
5 months old and as happy as can be!
And here's my little man now. I can't believe it's already been 6 months since he was born. He is so much fun and such a good little boy. We're so thankful to have him everyday! He truly makes our lives complete. I really don't know what we ever did without him!!!!

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