Training starts early...

3:48 PM

I've always kind of had this hope that if Gideon is familiar with a skateboard at an early age that he might not fall down and hurt himself quite so many times as he gets older. It's not like I could talk Jake out of riding around with him on his board. At one point, the only way we could get Gid to stop crying was for Jake to hold him while he rode around. He just likes to be moving. Well, I can't ride a skateboard to save my life, so I sometimes try to entertain him when he's fussy by just letting him lay down on the board and pushing him around. He doesn't get quite as excited as when Jake rides with him, but hey, I do what I can!
Here he is thinking he's big! Looks more like a surfer getting ready to stand up.
This is the classic, "are you kidding me mom?! I don't want to take pictures!" face.
And by the time I got done with the camera he was obviously bored with me....*sigh*

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