Uh Oh! OREOS!!!

9:39 PM

Gid had his first Oreo today. As I'm sure you can tell, he loved it. He also ate a lot of cheerios which I'm sure are much better for him, but they just didn't make for nearly as cute of a picture. After he finished his little bit of cookie he then wanted to smear what was on his face into his mouth. He wasn't very happy when I was trying to wash his face. What a waste of good oreo!
Gideon with Grandpa!! Poor Gid is pretty stinking white...he gets it from his momma!
He's been kind of obsessed with his new shoes. He sits like this all the time now. It's like he wants to make sure they're still there. Like, 'Yep, I still have feet!' He's sitting up all by himself and very rarely does he get so excited that he falls over and bonks his head. I can't believe he's going to be 6 months old on friday! Time goes so fast, and he grows and learns even faster!
I just thought this was a classic face. He was trying to reach for my Mom & Dad's little dog, Boo. He was concentrating really hard and sticking out his tongue like Jake does when he's concentrating. But, I didn't snap the camera quick enough to catch it. This one's still cute I think!

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