It's raining, It's pouring....

9:28 PM

Jacob had school this evening, so I hung out with my Mom and Dad until they had to leave for their YM & YW stuff. It started to rain so we thought for sure that Gideon would love to play in it! We took him out for a little while onto the back porch until it started thundering and lightning, then we went in to dry off.
Gideon and Grandma. Singing and dancing in the rain!
This is kind of random cuz we're looking off into space, but the other picture of Gid and I, I have an enormous chunk of something in my teeth....so it doesn't get blogged.(Except I think my Mom put it on hers.) Anyways, I love storms and Gideon didn't seem to mind getting a little wet. He doesn't care about much of anything when he's outside. Fun, Fun, Fun!

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