SO frustrated!

1:38 PM

This is the first time ever that I have really really hated Picasa! I was uploading these adorable pictures that have been on my camera since before we left for Utah of Gideon playing his little drum while Jake is playing piano. The pictures were so stinking cute and Picasa acted like everything was fine, but then for some reason after they uploaded all but one of them is gone! And they're not on my camera anymore because I told it to safe delete (where it only deletes what you upload). They just disappeared! And I know that said to upload's not like I can just replace those.... stupid stupid Picasa!
Here's the one that does show up. This isn't even one that I liked. I wanted to put the ones where you could see both Jake and Gid. And where Gid was looking up at Jake watching him play...but those don't exist anymore!

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