Gid's First Skate Shoes

11:18 AM

A long time ago, before Gid was even born, right when I found out I was having a boy a mysterious package showed up on our front steps. We open it up to find the most adorable pair of baby Etnies! And come to find out Janeen Hammond had found these online and when she heard we were having a boy, new that our little boy would just have to have a pair of skate shoes. Well, they were a size 2 so we have been waiting and waiting for these to fit Gid! So I thought I would try them today, and they fit!!!!
He actually doesn't seem to hate these either. He usually tries to kick his shoes off, but he's been perfectly happy in these. I think they're adorable and Daddy is going to be VERY excited when he gets home from work and sees them! Yay for my little skater boy!

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